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Hondo h-76 B
A surprisinlgy good hondo h-76, a made in korea stratclone, clearly a late hondo and a samick produce.
A heavy guitarand some research learned me that it’s not plywood or something like it  but a nice slab of
wood, thin finished so thin the woodgrain is still visuable, not a mirror like smooth finish.
Good feeling neck and reasonable pickups, this guitar was priced in 1988, 239,95 $ (us)  this made it a starters
Guitar, but despite the (often unjust) bad reputation this brand had with their starters stuff, this one turned
out very nice.
The pots and switch were a little bit noisy when i bought it and also some bridge saddle were missing, the nut
Was loose and not deep enough cut, this re4sulting in a hard playing guitar, i fixed this all and now he just
plays good and light, the used headstock was called the eagle beak headsatock by hondo at that time.
The tremelo arm is missing but this no big problem, overall a well finished, good playing and sounding  guitar,
perfect for a starter.
1988 was the last year that the hondo name was used, in 1991 the name surfaced again but these hondo’s had
nothing to do with the originals, the name was purchased by  the Jerry Freed International Company, and in
1995 sold on to MBT international, now musicorp.
In 2005 the brandname hondo was replaced by J.B player.

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