Version 2.2
Dynacord DC/3V

A beautiful dynacord, made by welson in the 60 this one is a real player, the guitar has a taper thin neck which i love.

And a lot of switches and knobs, i like guitars with a lot of switches.

The only real problem is that the neckpocked is warped, due to damp storage i think, so the nick needed to be shimmed, after doing this with a few dubbeltjes (dutch dimes) it’s a great player again.

Welson was regarded to be the gibson of Italy, due to their overal high quality .

The dynacord brand name was used for the German market, just like the wurlitzer name was used for the USA.

The used pickups you only will find on a Welson product, they produce a nice warm and full jazzy tone, but not too muddy either very good for jazz, blues and rock next to some 60’s pop.


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