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Egmond Colorado
And again a dutch produce, this time a Egmond Colorado from the 60’s, all colorado’s were whitout any
exception finished in a redburst finish.
It’s a pitty the whammybar is missing by this one, and all that needs to be inside to keep this whammybar in
it’s place.
This is a typical Egmond produce, and a playable toom needed to lower the bridge to get it that far but now
it’s good, the neck is still straight and the frets are in reasonable condition, some fretwear but not that
The nicely aged finish gives it mojo, completely original, even the cover of the neckjoint bolt is still in it’s
These typical egmond pu’s have a very own sound, very well suited  for 60’s music, indorack and even
usuable for dirty garagerock.
A lot guitarist in the 60’s have started their career on a Egmond, and like it’s said when you can play good
guitar on a Egmond any other guitar will be easy.
Egmonds had the reputaiton to be already bend and warped when they left the factory, but they were
deadcheap and that was a big selling point.
Brand: Egmond
Model: Colorado
Country: Netherland
Neck: bolt on, 21 frets
Body: laminated
Hardware: SS, 1 vol, 1 tone
3 way rotary switch
Tremelo, rollerbridge.

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