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Hondo Fame series HK 763
A very nice cheapo, a fame series by hondo, i owned a fame series before and that one was made of MDF, the
horror, so i expected something like that too on this one.
Butt hell he’s it’s no plywood either but made of a nice piece of wood .This guitar came in parts, complete
untill the last screw but in parts, luckely the electronics were not disconnected so i simply had to push al
back at it’s place.
Took me about an hour of tinkering and replacing the phase switch to get it up and running.I like the result,
plays nice, low weight and decent pickups.
It was the previous owners first guitar and now it’s ready to become that again for a young starting guitarist.
A very nice starters guitar, something different compared to the cheapo standard models flooding the market
the last years.
The bridge is a little bit different from the
classic strat bridge, this onepivots on two
knife edges just like a Floyd rose, can be
adjusted to float but i didn’t do that.
The pickpus are not bad, especial the
humbucker, that’s a dimarzio copy, it has the
same looks and resistance of a similar
humbucker i have used in a BC rich project only
that one is branded dimarzio usa.
Stays good in tune too, due to the original
grover tuners, this is a clear sign this one was
not bottomline because those wouldn’t be fitted
With quality tuners like that.
The metallic blue finish gives it something
special, nice guitar but not for me, that’s why it’s
Plays good, nice neck with sharktooth inlays and
decent pickups, what’s more to want in a starter
Brand: hondo
Model: fame serie 763
Country: Korea
Neck: 22 frets, bolt on
rosewood fretboard with sharktooth inlays.
Body: unknown wood.
Hardware: HSS, 1 vol 2 tone, 1 on/off
microswitch for each pickup, phase switch
KKT locking tremelo.

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This is a 1988 catalogscan, and on the pricelist of that catalog this guitar is priced 519,95 us$, so not a
bargain, this Fame is a little bit newer regarding the headstock, but i don’t have a catalogscan of it.